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Looking for a way to make the world a better place in 2013?



Start the new year by embracing the purr-fect volunteer opportunity.


Quadra Cat Rescue needs temporary foster homes for cats and kittens.


This is your chance to enjoy feline fun without making a permanent commitment.


Try on a new role this new year.


Join a caring group - and make a difference for your island community.


Quadra Cat Rescue supports foster homes with training, food, cat supplies and more!


People of all ages and stripes are welcome to apply.


Call us at 250-285-CATS (2287) or email quadracatrescue@yahoo.com.



Knitters to knit catnip mice and pompoms for us to sell at vet clinics and petstores. (please see poster on 'fundraising page' for various patterns)


Fundraising (volunteering for upcoming events and offering ideas to raise funds)


If you are interested in joining our group, please contact us @ quadraferalcats@yahoo.com or 250-285-3686 or 250-285-3942.

We have 3 black and white kittens that were born April 24th that are now available for adoption. If you are interested in meeting and adopting one of these kittens, please contact us at: 285-CATS or by email: quadracatrescue@yahoo.com Please click HERE to view more photos of them. 

This beautiful mama cat will be looking for a new home once her kittens are weaned around the 3rd week of June. Her foster mum is unable to keep her. She was a stray, semi-feral that is now happy to be living indoors and be a pet although she likes to go in and out. She is a very good Mom. - Here is her foster mom's description "I call her Sweetie Pie. She’s in with the kittens right now. They just had a snack and are all napping.

I would say she’s independent but would adapt well to a safe, quiet home with a nice human she can trust. She is affectionate and likes to be picked up carefully (no quick movements) and cuddled and talked to, likes to sit beside me or on me. She likes touching my arm or leg when watching TV or reading.

She is curious and will watch me, and will jump up beside me or on me and ask to be petted. She sometimes sits on the back of the armchair and plays with my hair.

Once she’s spayed she’ll settle down even more and won’t be inclined to roam. I think she’s young enough (3-4 yrs old) that she’ll adapt well to a new forever home."
** Click HERE to view more pics of Sweetie Pie.

Message from Peanut's Owner:
Anyone in the south end, see my cat "Peanut", I have just moved to the area, and she is missing. She is an orange tabby female cat, vocal, very curious as well, so please check your sheds, barns or out buildings as she may be trapped. She has a thyroid issue and requires meds everyday, I miss her so much and need your help. Please if you see her, call me or msg. Thank-you so much. A reward will be offered!! 250-203-8244 or rbelicious@gmail.com

Looking for some mousers?

Quadra Cat Rescue is seeking a barn or property with suitable outbuilding for 3 cats.

They will be fixed, vet checked and vaccinated. Donations are always appreciated, however, the cats will be available at no cost to individuals who offer them the opportunity to live in a sheltered, rural environment where they will be fed daily.  

These cats were fed by a resident who has passed away and now the cats must be removed from the property. We need to find them a new place to call home soon.

If you have a property on Quadra Island that would be suitable for this trio, please let us know. 285-CATS (2287)

Foster Homes Needed!

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Quadra Cat Rescue now has a lost and found page for pets on Quadra! Click HERE to view.

Quadra Cat Rescue does not support the practice of declawing of cats. We have been asked by AdoptMe Canada to post a link to their anti-declawing campaign where a petition can be signed. Please click here to view it.


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